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greys_exchange's Journal

Greys Anatomy Hiatus Fic Exchange
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An annual Grey's Anatomy fanfiction exchange conducted during the between-seasons hiatus.

The Grey's Anatomy Hiatus Fic Exchange

Welcome to greys_exchange, an annual exchange community for the swapping of stories during the Grey's Anatomy summer hiatus. It was originally created in 2007 by shopfront, poshlil and eucalyptus.
Layout credits: stylesheet by occasionalburst; header by eucalyptus.

Your current mods are shopfront and milk_and_glass, please don't hesitate to contact us via the comments of admin posts we make to the community. We can also be contacted via the exchange email: greysexchange@gmail.com

This is a moderated community. Users who wish to participate in the exchange can find the sign-up post here. Please do not join the community unless you're planning to participate in the current round of the exchange. Anyone who simply wants to read along at the exchange completion can do so by watching this journal - all entries are public!

If you're new to fic exchanges, please read A Guide to Participating in Fic Exchanges, by Someone Who Knows before signing up. This post describes the exchange process and what your moderators expect of you when you agree to participate.


The 2009 round of greys_exchange is also being conducted at Dreamwidth via crossposting. The Grey's Exchange Dreamwidth mirror is here.You are not required to hold accounts at both websites to participate in this exchange. You are welcome to sign-up and watch at just one of the communities if you choose, and we will not be redirected comments from the Livejournal crossposts to the Dreamwidth counterparts. If you have any questions about this addition to greys_exchange policy, please don't hesitate to ask.

2009 Deadlines

  • Sign ups start now and will close on Friday, 19th of June at midnight American EST time.

  • Exchange assignments will go out on Sunday, 21st of June.

  • You will then have seven weeks to write your exchange fic, which will be due on Sunday, 9th of August.

  • We are crossposting to the Dreamwidth mirror community for this round, therefore fics will be submitted via email on or before the 9th of August. The mods will then crosspost the stories to both communities on Sunday, 16th of August.

Community/Participant Rules:
(These rules apply to any user reading or commenting here at any time.)

  1. Flaming, bashing or trolling of ANY kind will not be tolerated. Ship preferences are to be respected. This is a One Strike And You're Out rule. You have been warned.

  2. Stories archived at greys_exchange remain the property of the writer and are not to be posted, archived or redistributed elsewhere, except where the writer permits.

  3. This community is only for the posting of exchange stories. No promotion, no icons, etc. If crossposting is successful during this round, posting access will be turned off for non-moderator participants in the future.